The Wrexham Model Aircraft Club (Wrexham MAC) was founded over 50 years ago. Flying is permitted from 9 am until 8 pm every day of the week, all year round. As with any model flying the weather is a limiting factor. However many wasted journeys can be avoided by using the Club’s own on-site weather station which can be accessed in SITE WEATHER above.  Being 1000′ above sea level with ground falling away beyond the boundary fence and with clear views out to the North Wales coast and beyond, our site has the dual advantages that pilots spend far more time flying with sky as a background and can fly safely down to take off level. Our well-kept grass is our pride and joy.

There are no limitations on types of model that can be flown except pilot competence. Tuition is freely available to Beginners (termed Novices within the hobby) up to the point where they are tested and certificated to fly unsupervised. However we strongly advise that Novices visit our Field and talk to experienced Members BEFORE they buy that large expensive model on eBay!

The Club is a British Model Flying Association (BMFA) affiliated club [ No 0504 ] and BMFA Membership is mandatory for all Club Members.

All visitors to the site must be accompanied by and are the responsibility of a WMAC member.

The Flying Field Rules,  Club Constitution and Privacy Policy  etc can be found in the  DOCUMENTS  section above.